Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fourth in a Series of Musings on Exciting Ways to Motivate Your Young Child to Read

Finally, my fourth musing on ways to motivate your child to read!  One of the best ways to incite reading in a child is to find books, articles, etc, about things that interest him/her.

My grandson gave me a few pointers, this holiday season, on the names of all the tractors, and if they had crawlers or wheels on them, and the names of all the trucks as we watched them go by from the entrance of our development. 

 I'll never forget the time that he told me that he had ridden a gator and I thought for sure he was telling me a tall tale.  His Dad  had to explain to me that it was a John Deere "Gator".  (What did I know?  My husband says that I am from the "concrete jungle" - a city girl)

How has my grandson learned all these things about trucks and tractors in his short 3 years?  My daughter-in-law told me that when they go to the library she is hard-pressed to get him to pick out books other than ones relating to tractors (especially John Deere), and trucks.

  In our church we have a group of little boys whose parents regularly encourage them to delve into their interests with gusto.  What they learn in the books and articles, they bring into their lives, and demonstrate all that they have learned in so many diverse ways.  Some of the readings are quite detailed and advanced, yet they read and study because of their high interest level.  They don't seem to be deterred at all.

 I have seen the cutest stories recorded on DVD about space and rockets and intrigue...made by a 10 year old and a 7 year old! 

I have heard the most amazing tales about trips taken to the far reaches of the world in a little wicker boat stocked with little critters and creatures, and a encyclopedia, of course, to identify all his finds during his adventures!  
And, what little boy isn't intrigued with trains?! 
If you are wondering how to motivate your child to read/enjoy reading, look to his interests and you will discover that your child will avail himself of opportunities to read and to be read to!


  1. I'm a fellow team member at Etsy Greetings and just found your blog. What a great resource for this homeschooling mom! I look forward to reading more.

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