Saturday, December 11, 2010

Afterthoughts - Baking

Eden Grace donning her apron
I took a little hiatus (3 weeks) from blogging while my family was here for 2 weeks , plus I needed one week to recoup!

We had a lovely time together as everyone gathered from California, New York, and Florida to the Lone Star State of Texas!

As families go, I think I have one of the best!  Loving children and grandchildren, and a loving, wonderful husband!  We had a blast! 

One of the things that has become a yearly Christmas (we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas 2 days apart) tradition is baking cookies with, now, my 2 grandchildren, Silas, 3 years old, and Eden Grace, 16 months old.  So I thought I would share with you some pictures of the fun we had baking some sugar cookies together!  From start to finish this year!


Silas looking at the ingredients that were listed on the recipe.
(What can he see with that hat on I ask you?)

Eden Grace helping the mixer beat the ingredients
Silas adding the salt
Silas cutting out the dough that he rolled
Sugar-cookie man!
Two little bakers hard at work
What an accomplishment!

Time for the icing

"It's more fun this way, Daddy!"
"Am I going to be able to get this icing to the cookie before it drips all over the table?"
Serious concentration
Lots of colorful cookies
"Yummmm! The best part, Nana!"

PS:  Silas loved the colorful recipe and could read the word "cup" by the time we were done looking at the ingredients!  (See - "Third in a Series of Musings of Exciting Ways to Motivate Your Child to Read")