Monday, October 18, 2010

Thoughts on TP

Now I know you all are thinking,  "What in the world is TP ?" Those silly acronyms!  Is it some new method of teaching, or a label for a little-known learning disorder, or maybe my thoughts on being "Tickled Pink"?

Well, I don't know about you but I can NEVER find paper when I need it.  One day I wanted to write down a few thoughts pertaining to learning   - I can't remember if they were my thoughts or someone else's - before they disappeared from my mind.  These little snippets  are very basic ideas but, very foundational in the ability (or inability) of students to learn.  They are realizations relating to one's own experiences as teacher, as well as, learner.

SO here are my "Thoughts on Toilet Paper" concerning basic learning principles.  Yes, I finally found some paper!  In the bathroom!  Desperate measures for desperate times.   LOL!

1.  To help students learn something  you  should first understand what they already know

2.  Showing students how to do something is better than telling them, and letting them do it is best of all

3.  Do not show or tell too much at once, since learners digest new ideas slowly and should feel secure with new skills or knowledge before acquiring  more

4.  It is necessary to give your pupils as much time as they need or want to absorb what you have shown or told  them

5.  Instead of testing their understanding with questions, let them show how much or little they understand by the questions they ask you

6.  Do not get impatient or angry when learners do not understand, frightening them only blocks learning

Something to think about and ponder.


  1. These are great. I just shared with our older son and his wife to use with our K5 grandson as they encourage him at home with what he is learning at school.

  2. Wonderful list! Teaching fourth grade for the first year I am learning with my students. They are always showing me different ways to solve problems in math or a new way to look at science. I try to do the things you suggested letting new ideas soak in day by day. I remind my students often they might not get something the first time and tell them to give it time. Eventually they will get it. I think this takes a lot of the pressure off of them. I know that when I have a mental block and keep telling myself I can't do it I don't. Given the permission to try and mess up and try again I eventually will figure it out.


  3. Kris,

    I would love to have you for a teacher!


  4. Seasoned with Grace(aka Teresa) Thanks for sharing with your son and his wife. Your grandson is the perfect age for this!